Foreign Students: 1000+

Average Cost: 1200$

Courses Available: Tourism Management,
Innovation Management,
Management of Business Administration,
Economic Cybernetics, Marketing,
International Economics

It is a university of the fourth level of accreditation, which enables it to train specialists for work in foreign countries. Since 1949, this university has trained specialists for 77 countries of the world.

Included in the QS EECA University Rankings (top 300 universities) – the best universities in emerging Europe and central Asia. The university uses the technology of continuous education, consisting of a system of pre-university training, graduate and postgraduate education. This higher educational institution eagerly takes part in international educational programs. It is official partners are universities of France, Austria, Sweden, Great Britain, Finland, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Turkey, China, and Vietnam.

Foreign citizens training:

The above university offers training for foreign citizens in all the above majors at the qualification level of Bachelor, Specialist, Master, as well as professional conversion programs, including studies for second higher education degree pursuant to international treaties between Ukraine and corresponding countries, national programs and contracts concluded between the university and legal entities or individuals.

The university is licensed to train foreign citizens for further admission to higher educational institutions. The duration of study is one year at the preparatory department.

Foreign citizens are admitted for training twice a year: until 1st November and until 1st March. Future students are enrolled to the university on the grounds of their interview results. Upon their graduation from the preparatory department foreign citizens are awarded a certificate of education, and upon their graduation from the university – a national diploma.

Today, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics is the leading specialized higher educational institution in the Eastern Ukraine, which provides a full range of educational services, multistage training, professional conversion programs and advanced training of specialists at 7 faculties:

  • Faculty of Economy and Law
  • Faculty of Economic Informatics
  • Faculty of Management and Marketing
  • Faculty of International Economic Relations
  • Faculty of Consulting and International Business
  • Finance Faculty
  • Faculty of Training Foreign Citizens

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