Foreign Students: 700+

Average Cost: 2500$

Courses Available: The Aircraft Maintenance,
Aircraft and Rocket Construction and Design

The university was founded in 1930. Its history is closely connected with the development of aviation technology and science.

N.Zhukovski National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” is one of the leading higher educational institutions in Ukraine training specialists in the fi eld of development and production of aviation and space technology.

The institute was founded in 1930. Kharkiv Aviation Institute is included in the list of the top of 10 leading universities in Ukraine. According to the ratings of “EECA” QS University (Emerging Europe and Central Asia) the institute is in the TOP-100 of universities located in this region.

Over the years of its existence “Kharkov Aviation Institute” university has trained more than 53 thousand engineers. Among specialists with academic degrees working in the aerospace industry in Ukraine 80% of specialists are graduates of Kharkov Aviation Institute.

Presently the university has 11,000 students who are trained in 64specialties. About 1,200 foreign students from 32 countries study at the university.

University graduates will be able to be employed at:
• research centers;
• energy companies;
• engineering enterprises;
• higher educational institutions;
• design bureaus;
• enterprises associated with aircraſt maintenance;
• enterprises of all forms of ownership



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