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We will help everyone pay for education!


The team of the Business Center “INGEK” understands how important it is for each young person to have their own money and not depend on their parents. But when a student has so many lessons, additional classes, then he can only dream of a profitable job … But with us it is possible to earn without missing classes!


That is why we developed a BONUS PROGRAM especially for you! For example, the one year cost of your studying is 1500$. Having registered in the bonus program 10 of your students who will also register one of their students, you will have the opportunity to receive 750 bonuses. By writing a request for money, these bonuses easily turn into $ 750. As a result, you will be able to pay up to 50% of the one year tuition fees.


At the same time, you do not risk anything, do not invest money and you can always quickly exchange bonuses for money. And most interestingly, when your student brings a new student, you will also receive bonuses for him. The entire main work of issuing study invitations, enrollment, and escorting the student whom you have attracted, the company takes upon itself.

This program is your chance to start earning and developing your personal business with our support. “I don’t spend much time, as my friends spend working somewhere in the city. I always know that all my problems will be solved at the company, it’s very convenient” – says one of the participants in the Bonus program.

P.s. Don’t waste your time and earn today 


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