Economic education in Ukraine: manage other people’s money

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You often hear about international economics but you do not understand where you can study to be an economist or where you can work after graduating from this specialty … It’s time to find out!

So what is international economics as a specialty – it is the study of the economies of countries, their international relations, banking, finance, credits and everything about money. Yes, yes, they are worth studying to own them! And we will help you get this money.

Where will you work after graduating from the specialty “International Economics”:

  • in government institutions (in the ministry);
  • in large companies and international organizations;
  • in legal, financial firms;
  • in international corporations such as Coca-Cola, brand Marlboro Philip Morris, Pepsi, Nescafé

So, as you can see, broad prospects are opening up for people who have a degree in economics.

Do you want that too? We will help you reach the top!

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