King Danylo University

Foreign Students: 300+

Average Cost: 2500$

Courses Available: Architecture, building and design;
Social Sciences;
Information Technology;
Management and Business Analytics;

King Daniel University is a higher educational institution of the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine of the IV level of accreditation. The university trains specialists in the field of law, economics, architecture, construction, design, IT technologies, journalism, and musical art.

The university was founded in 1997 with the active participation of the priest, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Law, Philosophy and Canon Law, Professor Ivan Mikhailovich Lutsky.

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KDU is one of the best universities in Ukraine, where the student is an active participant in the educational process and becomes a professional with relevant competencies and is competitive in the labour market.

The university has teachers and staff with the necessary competencies. It interacts with employers and provides opportunities to improve the acquired knowledge in practice. The university is a platform for networking between employers, students, parents, applicants, graduates and the academic environment.

The university is a platform for students to meet successful people who share their experiences. The university has its own business structures to enable students to undertake internships and placements.


  • Architecture, Building and Design;
  • Social Sciences;
  • Information Technology;
  • Management and Business Analytics;
  • Law

Language of instruction: Ukrainian, English

The university is not only growing annually in numbers – new students and highly qualified teachers – but also in innovation in the teaching process. The main value for the university is the student who, by choosing to study, not only receives a high-quality education, but also increases his or her chances of professional fulfilment: on the labour market or in his or her own business.

Конференційна аудиторія 407

More than 20,000 students have graduated from King Daniel University and the university’s colleges during the period of operation.

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