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On 28 July, we celebrated Ukrainian Statehood Day in honour of our thousand year history, ancient roots and close ties with European countries. Today, our people are fighting ✊ for Ukrainian statehood, just as different generations fought hundreds of years ago. We celebrate this centuries-long resistance by remembering those people, symbols and events that made our statehood a reality

From Kiyvan Rus to the present day, brilliant men and women have built this country open, free, innovative and brave. And today we dive into our deep and rich history to remind ourselves and the world #WhatWeAreFightingFor

Now is your chance to be a part of the Ukrainian culture by taking a ‍ distance learning experience at one of our universities. You are guaranteed to get a European Diploma and support the education sector in Ukraine in these challenging times!

Contact us for detailed information on admission!


BC “INGEK” will help you with paperwork and will also provide prompt communication with the educational institution.

We’re available 24/7!

Call us:+38 050 198 64 41

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