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Higher education in Ghana opens the door to a better life and allows people to build a career while earning good money and doing what they love. Ukraine’s education ranking in the world is always at the top of the world! With BC INGEK, higher education in Ukraine from students from Ghana is available to everyone – if you want a degree that is recognised worldwide, the high-quality supply of knowledge, and to do everything you can to change your life for the better – apply now.

For 18 years Business Center “INGEK” continues its successful work in the field of education, helping every foreign applicant to get a globally recognised higher education at the best universities in Ukraine.

Each resident of Ghana has not only the unique opportunity to strengthen his knowledge in the chosen specialty, documenting it, obtaining a diploma of higher education, there is also a unique opportunity to live in another country and establish international connections while living in cozy student hostels in Ukraine. We offer a great possibility to change your life for the better and create all conditions for studying by Ukraine’s education system and living in a comfortable environment.

We are constantly expanding our sphere of influence – so with our help over 20 thousand students from more than 35 countries have received a high-quality Ukrainian education education, which is confirmed by diplomas of the European standard .

Why students from Ghana need to get an education in Ukraine with BC “INGEK” ?

Our organization accompanies students at all stages – with our help you will be able to enter prestigious universities in Ukraine and obtain foreign education, avoiding unnecessary costs and saving time. Dealing with BC “INGEK”, you cooperate with professionals who will provide you with the highest level of comfort in achieving your goals. We offer you the following advantages:

Help with choosing your university and profession

Not sure what speciality is valued in the Ghanan labour market or would you like to build a career in an international company? We offer a full package of services for selecting the most promising specialty for foreign students and picking up the best university to recieve a diploma in higher education.

We help and guide foreign students from Ghana

Provide support for students at all stages – from admission to graduation after completing foreign higher education course.

We care and adapt

Relocating, even temporarily, to another country is always stressful for everyone. The Business Center “INGEK” team offers integration support and assistance to all Ghanan students as they start to obtain foreign higher education.


BC “INGEK” team does not stand still – we promote the involvement and development of active graduates and students throughout higher education in ukraine.

Contact BC “INGEK” to get an education in Ukraine

Not satisfied with the level of higher education in Ghana? We have a solution for you! If you want a great opportunity to radically change your life and develop yourself professionally, Business Center “INGEK” offers all services for gaining education in Ukraine with a European Diploma and certificate of higher education.

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