How to uncover fake firms?

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Dear friends, in any sphere there are dishonest people who want to get “easy” money. And education isn’t an exception.

When students look for ways to enroll to foreign university they tend to search for their compatriots to help them with admission. But the thing is that those people often don’t have official authorities to work as an agent 🙅

The scheme is simple: they issue an invitation to a foreigner, take an advance payment, the applicant arrives at the place, and suddenly it turns out that the university did not receive a payment, the student was fooled. The company disappears, but the negative attitude towards the university and the whole Ukraine remains.

We predict your question: how can foreigners avoid such companies?

Typically, shell companies are registered by foreigners, renting a small room and recruiting staff from their home country. First of all, you need to choose a company that has agreements with universities and the Center for International Education. If there are no agreements with universities, the company acts as an intermediary, and the price of education, accordingly, increases.

The simplest thing to do is to go to the website of the Ukrainian State Center for International Education and see if this organization is on the list of agents or not. Also it is important to check the availability of direct agreements with universities.

Another easy way is to call the university and find out if it cooperates with such an organization. This is not confidential information!



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