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Possibility of obtaining higher education in Ukraine for foreigners

Business Center “Inzhek” was established in 2004 and has achieved certain success over 16 years of its activity. We provide assistance to citizens of foreign countries who wish to get education in Ukraine in various fields. Our company cooperates with many leading universities in our country, with which we have signed relevant agreements.

The training of foreign specialists in Ukrainian universities is carried out across the curriculum of bachelor’s and master’s programs. Upon completion of their studies, students receive international diplomas recognized in 48 countries of the world. Over the 16 years of our work, more than 14,000 students from 42 countries have received high-quality education.

Special aspects of admission and training of foreign students at Ukrainian universities

Higher education institutions in our country have joined the Bologna Process and since 2005, the educational process has been adapted to international standards. The existing education system in Ukraine allows foreign students to train in a wide range of majors. The procedure for admission of foreign candidates to Ukrainian educational institutions has a number of special aspects:

  • documents submitted to Admission Committees should be nostrificated.
  • admission of foreigners to universities is carried out without the obligatory passing of the Standardized External Testing (ZNO).
  • the student may voluntary choose the full-time or part-time study mode.

In 2016, Ukrainian specialists developed and launched a special application for a computer. The program of Personal Training Systems (PTS) provides international students with the opportunity to remotely prepare for exams and tests in a number of subjects.

Business Center “Inzhek”: support for foreign applicants

Our company is expanding its activities on a regular basis and opening representative offices in the countries of near and far abroad. In the past 2019, branch offices were established in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Morocco. Now citizens of these countries wishing to get higher education in Ukraine can get an advice right in their mother country from native speakers. Employees of our representative offices provide assistance in the preparation of documents, including visas.

Our company deals with the issues of foreigners’ admission and educating, as well as their adaptation to living conditions in Ukraine. Since 2015, a special bonus program has been working for the most initiative students, which brings regular income to its participants. This allows participants to develop their own business in their spare time and make a profit from it.

Our successes and achievements

Business Center “Inzhek” in the past 2019 signed two major agreements with Turkish and Chinese partners. As for Turkey, we have already started an educative process aiming at preparing specialists of various fields for the largest companies operating in different industries. The second agreement provides for the training of applicants from the PRC in different universities of our country.

The fact that foreigners go to Ukraine for postgraduate studies is a confirmation of the fact that the education system in Ukraine topic is extremely interesting and profitable. The team of BC “Inzhek” invites foreign partners and Ukrainian universities to cooperation. You can get more detailed information by phone or via the Internet.

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