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Modern life cannot be imagined without the use of IT technology. That is why the demand for specialists in this field is constantly growing. IT education guarantees every graduate a job and high income. Faculty of Economic Informatics, Kharkiv National University of Economics offers training in two IT specialties:

– Cybersecurity

A new IT direction that trains specialists to protect the information society of the future! Training in the direction of “Cybersecurity” includes solving strategic problems under the guidance of experienced practitioners, conducting an analysis of external threats of global corporations, as well as internships at leading IT companies that provide additional training programs, master classes, and the possibility of employing faculty graduates: Microsoft (within Microsoft IT Academy), EPAM Systems, NEAM International, IT Ukraine and others.


– Software Engineering (in Russian / English)

A software development professional is a sought-after profession of the present and the future, especially in the modern IT market. At KHNUE, future specialists and professionals study under the programs of world famous brand universities, create unique products under the guidance of experienced practitioners, test and develop management systems in practice, and also master new technologies in internships.

Education at the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics guarantees a profession in demand in the future.


Our student by his example showed that by choosing the specialty “Software Engineering” you can work in a global company.

SEE how he achieved this.

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