BC “INZHEK” is the official agent of UDCMO

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Dear students and partners!

We draw your attention to the fact that recently a large number of firms claim that they are official agents of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, but in fact this is impossible, because the Ministry of Education and Science is a separate structure! But it is possible and necessary to be the official agents of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian State Center for International Education to provide educational services to foreign students.

BE CAREFUL, before concluding a contract or contacting the company for help, check whether it is an official agent, this can be done on the UDCMO website in the AGENTS section.

16 years of work is a very impressive figure, and during this time we have proved that we do our work professionally and honestly. Therefore, we have direct contracts with so many of the BEST rating universities in Ukraine.

Value your time and money, choose trusted and honest agents!

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