The only ones in Ukraine: scientists from KPI are exploring space

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Scientists from the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute are the only ones in Ukraine who create space satellites for atmospheric research.

They encroached on a unique biological experiment in space. And now we will tell everything about this.

Nobody in Ukraine has ever launched CubeSat standard satellites before, these are space vehicles. Such satellites are often built for educational purposes in universities, but they can also implement serious scientific and commercial tasks. Last year two spacecrafts – WALL · I and Eva (their informal names) accompanied the American InSight spacecraft to Mars.

Students have the opportunity to join a group of scientists from KhPI and also be engaged in the development of not only satellites, but also other inventions. It is quite interesting and stunning, the video below named “How do they actually launch satellites into space?” is worth watching.

The spacecraft created at the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute took part in an international scientific project of the the Earth’s atmosphere investigation. In addition to PolyITAN-2-SAU (as it was called), several similar spacecrafts from different countries participated in the project. Its task is Earth remote sensing (ERS) or in simple words is shooting of the Earth’s surface from space. On such pictures you can see the state of agricultural land, deforestation, the accumulation of military equipment and much more.

Scientists from KhPI remain the only ones in Ukraine who managed to create nanosatellites successfully working in space.

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