COVID-19 insurance for entry into the territory of Ukraine

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Foreigners who are planning to enter Ukraine must have COVID-19 insurance.

During the quarantine period, it is prohibited to enter Ukraine for foreigners having no insurance policy against COVID-19(Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated June 12, 2020 № 480).

BC “INGEK” will help you get an insurance policy covering COVID-19 infection, this is a compulsory insurance for foreign tourists visiting Ukraine (by plane or by land transport). This policy is obligatory required by the border service of Ukraine from ALL foreigners.

We offer coronavirus insurance for foreigners with different coverage:

  • cheap insurance with minimal conditions
  • policies with the extended conditions.

*The cost of insurance policy and the tariff for more than 90 days please check with our specialists +38(050) 198-64-41.

Required documents:

  • Passport for traveling abroad (copy).

ATTENTION: for unimpeded entry into Ukraine, it is necessary that the insurance policy includes not only treatment costs but also observation costs! It is these insurance policies that can be purchased with the help of our company!

Contact us, we will consult you on all questions and we will provide you interesting offers from reliable insurance companies.

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