Flight education in Ukraine: how to become a pilot

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Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv University of Air Force is a flight training university in Kharkiv that offers several flight and pilot training programs. We are proud of having a direct contract with one of the best flight universities in Ukraine. The university has several course options for candidates who wish to pursue a career in their flight training.

KNAFU trains airline pilots from all over the world, using its experience to provide students with a quality education in a modern environment. In addition, the university is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education as a higher education institution awarding an advanced degree. Besides, graduates receive PPL and CPL licenses.

Pilot training at KNAFU is chosen not only by Ukrainians but also by citizens of other countries including Uzbeks, Turks and other citizens. Among the reasons are the shortened terms of study, international recognition of its quality and, surprisingly, the lower cost of the course in comparison with Russia and other European countries.

Over the next 20 years, international aviation will experience the highest ever demand for skilled specialists. In particular, about 800,000 private and commercial pilots will be required!

It’s time to study aviation, isn’t it? At the Ukrainian university you can get various specializations in the field of aviation, from the education of a pilot and the corresponding license to degrees in aviation management, travel management, aviation business etc.

We invite you to learn more about Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv University of Air Force located in the student city – Kharkiv!

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