Medicine: TOP-3 most popular specialties

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A good medical professional is worth a lot these days. A good medical professional who is trained in accordance with the norms of international standards is especially appreciated both in Ukraine and abroad. That is why in this article BC “INGEK” will tell you about 5 popular medical specializations which students from different countries most often choose for study in Ukraine.


Physiotherapy specialists are trained at Kharkiv National Medical University. Students study various methods of patient recovery. During the training, students learn more about the features of working with various rehabilitation equipment, the specifics of various disease processes, about the rules and features of conducting health-improving practice (physical therapy, kinetotherapy, balneotherapy, therapeutic massage, etc.).

Cardiological technologist

Specialists in this area are also trained at Kharkiv National Medical University. The duration of study for the diploma program of this specialization is 6 years. A cardiological technologist can work in public or private hospitals, private laboratories, diagnostic centers and pharmaceutical companies.

Healthcare Manager

You can become a specialist in this profession after studying at V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University in any medical specialty and then at Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics to acquire knowledge for the management of a medical center or laboratory in the specialty “Business Administration”.

The relevance of this profession is growing as different organizations in the healthcare system strive to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. And skillful management is the key to achieving these goals. Healthcare management professionals can work: as a manager who is responsible for the organizational aspects of a doctor’s work (keeping records, communication with patients, etc.) and as a general manager who is responsible for the full cycle of organizing work in a hospital. Students of this program study both management courses and medical disciplines to understand the specifics of the field of activity.

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