ATTENTION! Admission of documents for study was extended until the 15th of December

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Admission of documents to universities for foreign students was extended until the 15th of December. This was reported today by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

This decision was made because of the thousands of invitations that were issued to foreign students.

“We carefully monitored the decision on this issue because we understand how many students wish to come this year to enter the universities of Ukraine. We continue to issue invitations and meet new students from Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Morocco, China and even African countries every week “- commented Yana, the specialist of the business center” INGEK ” – she is engaged in issuing invitations for all foreign students.

The pandemic has made significant adjustments to the deadlines for submission of documents and arrival of students, such a decision will help thousands of students fulfill their dream of studying in Ukraine.

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