Zombies, sticky webs and pumpkins: where to spend Halloween in Kharkiv

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Sweets or life? BC “INGEK” tells where to celebrate Halloween in Kharkiv.

Halloween is getting accustomed more and more in Kharkiv. According to the tradition, this year the holiday will be celebrated in Maxim Gorkiy Central Park for Culture and Recreation where the “zombie apocalypse” is planned. Shopping centers, clubs, pubs and restaurants also prepare their “creepy” programs.

We have prepared for you TOP-5 places where you can cheerfully celebrate Halloween with a noisy and “gloomy” company:

  • On the night from October 31 to November 1, a masquerade festival will be held in the Letopark. Event planners promise that there will be no time to get bored because photo zones, performances, contests and a lot of thematic food and drinks have been prepared.

  • On October 1 themed flashmobs will take place in the main park of the city – “escape of evil forces” and “parade of angels”. As planned, about 500 people in suits will march through the city.

Those who want to celebrate Halloween as it should be during the whole night can go to clubs, pubs, restaurants and even cinemas that also prepare a varied entertainment program.

  • Halloween in the “Misto” club

  • The ideal option to spend Halloween for cinephiles is to visit the cinema “Movie Planet IMAX” where scary mystical movies will be shown on the night from October 31 to November 1: “Curse of Annabelle”, “Astral” and “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones”. The ticket cost for all three movies is 75 hryvnas. Half-hour breaks are scheduled between movies. The movie night starts at 23.30.
  • On October 31, “Bolero Club” invites guests to the Halloween Weekend to host the Halloween Beauty contest: twenty Kharkiv women will compete for the title of the most charming and stunning girl of this autumn. Various shows and competitions with prizes are also planned.

Furthermore, lots and lots of “terribly” interesting things: Halloween Fest held in the art factory “Mechanics”, Halloween in “Probka”: Viy, Halloween Night The Horror Circus in the art club “Korova”.

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