International Students’ Day: how our students celebrate it

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In Ukraine Students’ Day is celebrated twice a year – on November 17 (today) and on January 25. It is on these days students from many countries, instead of studying, just relax and have fun. This holiday brings together young people who study in different parts of the world.

Our students are no exception and also love this holiday very much! On this day students from various countries unite in large groups and have parties, go to concerts, discos and visit cafes.

This year the pandemic and the closure of public places did not become a reason not to celebrate this holiday. As the students shared with us, they will celebrate in the hostels, order food and have the party.

Dear students, if you now live in a hostel or rent an apartment or study remotely – gather your friends and celebrate your holiday cheerfully, you deserve it!

On the “Business Center “INGEK” behalf, I would like to wish you personal victories in your studies, a fun student life, real friends and health.

Happy Holidays, Dear Student!

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