Newton’s Day: Why is it cool to be a physicist?

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“Millions of people have seen apples fall, but only Newton asked why.”

In the first days of the year, we invite you to talk about science. Or rather, to remember one of the greatest physicists, mathematicians and astronomers of the 17th century, whose mind and knowledge created the law of universal gravitation and the three laws of mechanics, which became the basis of classical mechanics.

Isaac Newton is an internationally recognized genius – physicist, to whom today’s Newton Day holiday is dedicated. Newton’s life from birth to the very end was filled with a craving for knowledge and learning, which led to discoveries. Scientists around the world still use the Newton-Leibniz theorem, Newton’s law of viscosity, Newton’s first, second and third laws, Newton’s binomial, Newton’s interpolation formulas, not to mention the literally legendary Newton’s law of universal gravitation. By the way, it is interesting that the story of an apple falling from a tree, which made Newton think about the free fall of bodies, is considered true. Scientists, researchers, students and graduate students of natural sciences, just lovers of scientific knowledge and experiments, selebrates  Newton’s Day every year on January 4 – the birthday of the great Englishman.

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