Summing up the year: Achievements of BC “INGEK” 2020

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Dear students, New Year’s holidays have come to an end and it’s high time to take stock of the past 2020, remember our achievements and set new goals! This year has been full of unexpected and new moments for all of us. Despite all the difficulties faced by the whole world, our team not only continued to work as usual, but also achieved all the goals set for your comfortable stay in Ukraine! According to a long tradition,  Business Center “INGEK”  singles out 20 brightest events of the past year!

1. The first significant event was the ❤️Valentine’s Day party❤️, which is traditionally celebrated in February.

2. As we all know, in the spring, the world plunged into the Covid-19 pandemic. BC “INGEK” takes care of its students, which is why our bc_ingek team distributed 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ masks to dormitories of Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, observing all the necessary safety measures, and also distributed food packages to all students in need!

3. Business Center “INGEK” honors holidays and traditions of all nationalities! In 2020 our team had a wonderful opportunity to spend Iftar (evening meal during the month of Ramadan, which is held before or after evening pray) with our students from Uzbekistan. We sincerely believe that in the coming year, our students and we will have even more united celebrations!

4. This year, Business Center “INGEK” celebrated its 16th birthday!✨ Our friendly and close-knit team has been working successfully and fruitfully for 16 years, conquering new heights and helping students from all over the world to get an education in the best educational institutions of Ukraine. We believe that in the new year we will be able to achieve even greater success and prosperity of our company!

5. Despite all the difficulties of the year, we arranged a real holiday for our graduates and organized a ceremonial presentation of certificates for bachelors and masters. And also BC “INGEK” held a festive photo session for graduates!

6. In 2020, BC “INGEK” has expanded and now our students can apply for translations, get an apostille, submit documents for nostrification, get legalization and notarization of documents in our office! Now our team saves not only money, but also students’ time!

7. This year has been rich in grand openings of our new offices all around the world! Our company BC “INGEK” continues to change and improve for you! In 2020, we opened a new office and this time it is the “city of winds” – Baku!

8. Throughout the year, we continued to grow and improve! Following the office in Baku, an office was opened, which is located in Istanbul! Now you can get advice from our specialists who live in Istanbul! We are pleased to know that while you in Turkey, you can independently come to the office and get answers to your questions.

9. BC “INGEK” closely cooperate with Uzbekistan. In 2020, we opened two new offices – in Tashkent and in Karezm, and also enlisted partners in the city of Jizzakh.

10. In 2020 Business Center «INGEK» has carried out fruitful work to conclude agreements with the universities. Among such agreements was cooperation with the Academy of Culture. Today – this is a modern institution of higher education of the fourth level of accreditation, the leader of library information and cultural education. The Academy prepares bachelors and masters. The Academy employs more than 200 full-time teachers, among them more than 40 doctors of sciences, professors, people’s and honored artists of Ukraine, honored art workers and cultural workers of Ukraine.

11. We did not stop at what has been achieved and after one agreement we concluded others! In 2020, BC «INGEK» signed an agreement with the Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National University of the Air Force. This is a valuable cooperation for us, as the university is licensed and trains foreign military specialists and students. The educational process at the university is aimed at training qualified specialists, competent, responsible, fluent in their profession, capable of effective work in their specialty at the level of world standards, ready for continuous professional growth.

12. In 2020 an agreement was signed with the Kharkiv Aviation Institute (KAI) in connection with the opening of a new specialty for foreign students – “Civil Aviation Pilot”. Today it is the only university in Kharkiv that prepares pilots for obtaining an European ATPL license. With this license our students will be able to work as pilots immediately after graduation. This is a big plus, because our students do not have to pass certification in their own country, which will save them time and money!

13. If you’ve ever wanted to get to Hogwarts, then we have something for you! In the outgoing year, BC «INGEK»  signed an agreement with the Ivan Franko National University. It is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe and the oldest university in Ukraine. One of the leading universities in the country. In 2018 Ivan Franko National University was included in one of the most popular world rankings The Times Higher Education World University Rankings – the annual publication of university rankings according to Times Higher Education magazine.

14. A significant event of the year for us was the conclusion of an agreement with the Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. This is a modern institute that cooperates with the most modern practice bases, has a highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff. A high-quality complex of the educational process will allow you to study and be aware of modern requirements and world standards of medicine!

15. Business Center “INGEK” took care of the health of our students throughout 2020! Antiseptics and personal protective equipment have taken their places on our desktops. At the beginning of the new academic year, the team of the BC “INGEK” together with the consul of Liberia visited the hostel number 3, where they gave out protective masks to the students of the hostel.

16. A significant achievement of this year for our company is the launch of an online payment service. Now being at home, in class or on a walk, our students can pay for tuition remotely, without wasting their time going to the office.

17. BC “INGEK” loves to give gifts! In 2020, we provided an unique opportunity and raffled off a whole year of free education on Instagram bc_ingek among our students, as well as those who were just thinking about studying in Ukraine. We congratulate @zahida_malikzai and look forward to meeting her in Ukraine 🎉 Follow our updates in 2021, new contests and draws of interesting prizes are waiting for you!


18. BC «INGEK» gives students the opportunity to earn their own money. And in 2020, our bonus program has become even more convenient! Participation in the bonus program allows you to independently distribute precious time for each student, and also opens the door to their independent life. All your registered students and students of your students bring you bonuses, which you can exchange for cash rewards.

Do you want to start making money together with the  Business Center «INGEK» in the coming 2021? Go here and find out how!

19. 🎁 Who doesn’t love holidays? We decided to please our students and launched a contest on our Instagram account bc_ingek. The winners of the competition received New Year’s gifts from the BC “INGEK” !🎁

20. We are very pleased to announce that, despite the current situation in the world, this year more than 600 students have arrived in Ukraine through the BC «INGEK» to receive high-quality European education. We thank our students and admire their sincere and unbreakable craving for knowledge! Our team has been working for 16 years to implement a transparent mechanism for recruiting foreign students to universities and to ensure the quality of the provision of support services.

We hope you and your  family, and friends had a lovely holiday season filled with joy and meaning. Best wishes for a prosperous new year!

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