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Documents required for the “Invitation for Study”:

  1. A copy of the document of previous education (school documents, academic certificate, diploma);1
  2. A copy of the passport or a document that verifies the identity of stateless persons;2

If you want us to do everything for you, just fill in the application for admission to the university online and you will receive an invitation for study mail or via courier:

  • Give us information about the date, time, flight on which you will arrive to Ukraine (to make an application for a meeting);
  • Come to Ukraine to the purpose of interviewing and enrolling in the university;
  • After successfully passing the interview and enrolling in the university you need to apply for a “posvidka” (legalization in the territory of Ukraine). This can be done at the dean’s office.

Documents you need for enrolling in Ukrainian universities:


  1. The original and copy of the document (certificate, academic certificate, diploma) of previous education;1
  2. The original and copy of the document (annex to the diploma of education), which provides information about the progress in various academic disciplines;2
  3. A copy of birth document;3
  4. Medical certificate on health status, certified by an official health authority of the country and issued no later than 2 months prior to entry to Ukraine;4
  5. A copy of the passport or a document that verifies the identity of stateless persons mergency medical assistance;5
  6. 12 photos of size 3×4 cm;.6

All documents must be translated into Ukrainian and notarized.



BC “INGEK” will help you with paperwork, choosing a specialty, and will also provide prompt communication with the educational institution.

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