Kharkiv – the most comfortable city in Ukraine!

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As any city Kharkiv has its unique soul with innate features and everyday rhythm of life and special aura, which stems from the old traditions.

In the 19th century the city was inhabited by merchants, who were the main drivers of economic and technical progress. Kharkiv has become a scientific centre, as a result of growing number of higher educational establishments, among which the classical university and polytechnic institute were founded first.

In the early 20th century Kharkiv had been recognized in top 3 cities. This had helped to build a base for the recognized mathematics, information security and crypto expertise in the region.


Nowadays it is the city with the population of 1.6 mln. people and 200,000 students and well-developed investment climate and infrastructure, encompassing a typical metropolitan rush and a big number of quiet places at the same time. The second largest and one of the most comfortable and surprisingly least expensive cities in Ukraine, it is included into the TOP-200 world largest cities, being larger than Munich and a bit smaller than Barcelona.

Kharkiv is the city, where:


  1. the region`s area (31,400 km²) equals those of Belgium (30,528 km²) and Albania (28.748km²) and the population in one of the dormitory district is more than in Miami;1
  2. people are cross-culturally open-minded and tolerant: Kharkiv is home to more than 30 international communities/diasporas, 10 consulates, 20+ International Funds offices and centers for international cooperation;2
  3. the number of English-speaking population is rapidly growing as well as English-language services – the first in Ukraine English-only pub is operating here;3
  4. the living conditions are rated as 1nd most comfortable in Ukraine: 2rd best city in availability of state transport, quality of roads and parking availability. Metro of 30 stations daily serves 750,000 passengers;4
  5. among 69 universities there are 5 technical; 1 university is in the world TOP-500;5
  6. science & technology are supported through the whole process, what explains a lot how Kharkiv manages to proudly host 142 scientific institutes and enterprises producing tanks, tractors, turbines, robotics and many more;6
  7. over 30 large parks and around 200 small green zones, including 2 zoos and Gorky Park which is among Top-25 European parks by TripAdvisor and definitely the best and unique in Ukraine;7
  8. as the cultural center we host below 20 theatrical and musical festivals annually with over 30 theatres, including 6 state ones and 16 museums and multiple galleries.8


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