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Today we want to talk with you about professions 🙂
We think you have noticed that the professions that 10–20 years ago were among the ten most highly paid and significant ones are becoming unclaimed today. The needs of mankind are changing, new technologies are emerging, science is developing. All of this has a direct impact on the world labor market. We invite you to look at the rating of the most profitable professions in the world and, possibly, choose your future dream job.

Doctors in the labor market are always in demand. In terms of income, surgery remains the most promising specialty. It will take a long time to study: to become a highly qualified specialist, you need to spend about 5 years on the student bench. But the prospects are also worth the effort: in-demand surgeons receive good salaries.

Senior manager
Althou   person without management education can lead an organization, management still stands out as an independent profession. We are talking about company presidents, CEOs and CEOs. Such positions are considered key, because the person occupying it is responsible for making important decisions that determine the fate of the enterprise and its employees. Naturally, such a high responsibility should be compensated by a solid income.

The profession, which has long been praised by romantics, is also considered one of the highest paid. Piloting is associated with great responsibility, therefore it requires a lot of preparation and outstanding personal qualities.

According to statistics, the demand for dental services today exceeds the supply by 4 times. Although the number of dental clinics around the world is constantly growing, the market niche has not yet been filled.

Market Analyst
In a market economy, competent analysts are in demand everywhere: focusing on their research and forecasts, commercial companies develop a further development strategy. In large foreign corporations, such specialists receive fabulous money.

Since any commercial organization is obliged to act within the framework of the law, the legal profession has been and remains one of the most demanded and profitable ones. The most promising direction from the point of view of earnings is “corporate law”.

IT specialist
The 21st century is the era of computer technology, and therefore the demand for professionals in this area is invariably high. Software development, data protection, system administration are areas in which a good specialist will not be left without work. The maximum annual earnings in developed countries are  105,000 $.


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