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Last months were very difficult for all of us 😔 But the blooming spring has arrived, and soon the hot summer is sure to come!

We really want to give you a piece of spring, carefree mood 😋 and banish melancholy. Hemingway wrote that you put up with boredom in the fall. In winter ❄️, apparently, you just put up with it, and in spring you shake it out of your pockets like forgotten crumpled papers.

The films in this selection are designed to evoke a sense of spring 🍃
To help shift the focus from worries and concerns to simple joys. To encourage us to look at the sky more often, to touch the trees, to notice the first greenery, just to go out and breathe, to listen to the birds singing 💜
We have collected a wide variety of films: fiction, documentaries, authorship.

Look what we have prepared 🥰



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