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Dear friends, today our company has a joyful occasion – Business Center “INGEK” turns 18 years old! 🥳🎉
For 18 years we have been helping international students 👩‍🎓 from all over the world to get a higher education.

From a small office within the university 🏫 walls, over the years we have grown to a large team, our own 3-floor office 🏢 and thousands of grateful graduates 🎓

On this day, we want to say thank you 🙏 to our students and graduates, that you had once decided to trust us, and we hope that you have not regretted it 💜 Without your trust, we would not be where we are today.

Our company is celebrating its adulthood 1️⃣8️⃣ in a different way than usual, there was no birthday cake, no tea party and no gifts. But we promise to catch up as soon as we return to our hometown 🏙 and our office.

Thank you for being with us! 💜 There is more to come!


BC “INGEK” will help you with paperwork and will also provide prompt communication with the educational institution.

We’re available 24/7!

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