How to get visa?

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1️⃣ Ukraine embassy will officially resumes working on 03.08.2020 .
2️⃣ All visas applications should be submitted through Vfs .
3️⃣ All visas applicants must obtain COVID – 19 Insurance from Ukraine before submitting their documents at Vfs .
4️⃣ Online booking of visa appointment for submitting documents at Vfs .
5️⃣ All applicants with expired visas due to the pandemic should re – apply through Vfs .
6️⃣ All applicants with expired visas should reapply for re – issue of their expired Invitation for Study from the same institutions that issued the first invitation letter .
7️⃣ All applicants which obtained visas before the global lockdown should change all their expired documents before going to Vfs for submission.

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