Ukrainian Hogwarts: European education at the university of Lviv

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Lviv is not only a huge tourist center of Ukraine but also a city  where one of the most famous higher educational institutions of Ukraine is located. To enter Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, students come not only from all over the country but also from all over the world. This year students from 16 countries have entered the university and this number is growing every year.

National University Of Lviv  is the oldest educational institution on the territory of Ukraine that has been carrying out activities continuously for many years. Just imagine students have been studying at this university since 1661, this is more than 359 years!

The university is named after Ivan Franko, the famous Ukrainian writer who graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy.

The university has a wide variety of professions. Future lawyers, economists, teachers, engineers, physicists and biologists and others come here to study. Currently Ivan Franko National University of Lviv has 19 faculties! Just think about this large number! Each applicant has a huge selection of specialties at such faculties:

  • economic;
  • mechanics and mathematics;
  • applied mathematics and informatics;
  • physical;
  • electronics and computer technology;
  • international relations;
  • legal;
  • finance and business management;
  • historical;
  • philological;
  • journalism;
  • philosophical;
  • foreign languages;culture and arts;
  • pedagogical;
  • geographical;
  • chemical;
  • geological;
  • biological

Like any other university, National University of Lviv has “strong” faculties which applicants from all cities of Ukraine have heard a lot about. Faculties of Law, Physics and Faculty of International Relations are escpecially known.

The diploma of  National University of Lviv is highly appreciated  by employers and is confirmed in 22 countries of the world. After graduation you are guaranteed to find a prestigious job both in Ukraine and in your country.

And if you have set yourself a goal to enter one of the BEST universities in Ukraine, then be sure that you will definitely come to it!

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