National Boss’s Day: what he is like, BC “INGEK” Leader

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Every year on October 16, the world celebrates National Boss’s Day. We congratulated our leader Ponomarenko Evgenii Vladimirovich on his “holiday”. And we decided to tell you how, thanks to the qualities of a real leader, our company has achieved what you now see and know about us.

So 10 facts about our boss and the company “INGEK”:

  1. Pursuit of the goal. You probably know that our company exists more than 16 years old but only a few remember that it all began with a small room in the dean’s office of the university. This is a great merit of our Evgenii Vladimirovich because we not only moved to a larger🥇 office but also became a real company.
  2. Professionalism. During this time the number of employees has increased significantly, now there are 28 of us. This confirms our growth, our desire to develop and do our job as professionally as possible. After all, now, for example, each of our employees, you know them well – Dasha – Uzbekistan, Elena – Turkey / Egypt, Yana – Africa and Ksenia – Morocco and China specialize exclusively in one or two countries. The girls visit international educational exhibitions, study the culture of the country, supervise the work of offices and even travel on their holidays to the “chosen” country🌐 in order to understand students even better.
  3. Work comes first. The last time our boss took a vacation was in 2016, yes, we are not mistaken, he went on vacation 4 years ago. Even when he goes on business trips to our offices in other countries, he does it for several days and he is busy all the time. Such colossal employment is the result of our achievements!
  4. Humor. Of course, over such a long period, professional humor has appeared in our company, its main author is Evgenii Vladimirovich. We draw upon and use his phrases in our speech, last year, we even created a video with his TOP-phrases. In our team, this is so developed that even when we make some mistakes, he does not scold but makes fun of us.
  5. Daily development. We try to be as close to our students as possible and understand them, that is why our specialists study foreign languages, Dasha, for example, during the filming of our videos, already speaks a little Uzbek😎 and Yana overcame the language barrier and now is quick to understand her students👫.
  6. Ready to experiment. An interesting fact is that Evgenii Vladimirovich “navigates” not only the “INGEK” company but also airplanes✈️. Yes, yes, quite recently, to shoot a new video that you will see very soon, our boss “navigated” the plane on his own.
  7. Boss-mentor 24/7. Over the years (upbringing) of work, our leader develops in us the rule that the client may be wrong but he needs to be answered and listened📲. That is why we respond to your messages early in the morning and at night because we understand that in a foreign country you may need our help at any time.
  8. He understands everything he undertakes. For our boss, Bussiness Center “INGEK| is his brainchild which brings joy, like children but also makes us get out of the comfort zone and learn new things to help in development. That is why, if something breaks down in our equipment, legal issues arise or new trends appear in the world, Evgenii Vladimirovich is the first to know about it and can resolve any issue on his own. Yes, this is not strange because for 16 years he knows his business inside and out.
  9. Always in trend. Since we’re talking about trends, the boss is a big fan of the trendiest, fastest growing billionaire company – Apple🍏.
  10. Gigabytes of memory. One of the main advantages of Evgenii Vladimirovich is his memory. Friends, believe us, there is not as much information on your phone as this person can remember. P.s. proven more than once.
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