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KARAZIN KHARKIV NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 🔝 reopens distance learning for international students. 😱

The best university in Ukraine  has prepared a program for online preparatory!

The online preparatory department prepares foreign citizens for their subsequent study not only at Karazin University, but also in other higher educational institutions of Ukraine. Training at the preparatory online department is carried out at the choice of students in Russian or English.

The main task is to form a unified system of knowledge and the level of proficiency in languages ​​chosen by students for foreign students to obtain professional education in Ukraine.


Most importantly: PRICE = $ 1500


Just imagine all the advantages of such training ♥:

  • no need to spend money on a visa (if needed);
  • no need to order an invitation;
  • pay for a hostel, an appointment and much, much more

!All you need to do is transfer your documents by power of attorney to Ukraine!
You do not need to come in Ukraine for admission, just make admission online!

Otherwise, distance learning is no different from the usual ♥:

  • training for 10 months;
  • language training in Russian and English;
  • you will receive the same state-recognized certificate as at a regular Preparatory department;
  • after preparatory department you can apply 1 course any specialty of Karazin University.


BC “INGEK” will help you with paperwork, choosing a specialty, and will also provide prompt communication with the educational institution.

Don’t miss your chance to become a  professional!

Call us:+38 097 575 00 21

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