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Hello everyone!

We would like to share with you the festive news – 08.07.21 the team of the INGEK Business Center organized a graduation ceremony for students of the bachelor’s and master’s level at KhNUE named after Simon Kuznets. Our event was attended by graduates with their friends and families, as well as representatives of the university.

Congratulations to our graduates on a great and important achievement in life – graduation from the university. We wish you even more significant achievements ahead, do not stop there. We wish you good luck and the desired work, which will bring you not only income, but also pleasure from the process. Happiness, love, good luck, bright and self-sufficient future! Our team will always be glad to see you again as our students or just as a guest !!)

We hope that we met all your expectations and gave you wonderful student years in our home country – Ukraine.

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