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Before arriving in Ukraine any foreign entrant has a quite logical question – what language will I study in😵? There are two variants of further scenario. You can choose to study in English or Ukrainian.
If you want to get to know Ukrainian culture, make friends here, learn to understand not only Ukrainian but also Russian, we have an awesome offer for you! Our Ukrainian language courses at KNEU named after Simon Kuznets are created especially for foreign students who want to be able to communicate with other students during their studies and be able to explain themselves to teachers. At the end of the course all students receive basic communication and writing skills, which makes life in Ukraine much easier. The course lasts for three months and runs parallel to the main course of study.

By taking this course, students make new friends and learn about the history and culture of Ukraine. Knowledge of the Ukrainian language will greatly enrich not only their personal communication but also their educational opportunities. Students learn correct pronunciation, reading, translation and comprehension of spoken language, overcome language barriers and improve their speaking skills, as well as learn grammar. After successful completion of the course students will be able to use Ukrainian in different life situations, read and understand publications in Ukrainian, communicate confidently, correspond with friends and colleagues, study in Ukrainian-speaking universities without studying at the preparatory department, which will reduce the term of his total education for one year🥳.


BC “INGEK” will help you with paperwork, choosing a specialty, and will also provide prompt communication with the educational institution.

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