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Black Friday sales start in Ukraine. In 2021 Black Friday in Ukraine and in the world falls on November 26. What discounts can you expect, where to look for sales, what are the most profitable deals in Ukraine, about this we will talk with you today.

Every year in Ukraine and in the world is the largest sale called Black Friday. The tradition began in the U.S. and gradually spread to other countries. The actions can last a whole week, and sometimes even longer. Black Friday 2021 in Ukraine and worldwide falls on November 26. At this time you can buy almost any product at very good prices.

What to expect on Black Friday

In Ukraine, stores traditionally offer discounts to customers for three days. But it all depends on the particular store chain. If you or your friends have been dreaming of an expensive item you couldn’t afford for a long time, it’s during this period that you can buy quite a few novelties. After all, during this time there is an opportunity:

  • find almost any product with discounts of up to -90%;
  • to refresh your clothes before the winter months;
  • to buy things that I didn’t have enough money for before.

Ukrainian stores: where the best discounts

On different sites sales start at different times, so you need to carefully monitor so you do not miss the best deals:

  • at “Foxtrot”, Black Friday promotions can be found from November 22 to 29;
  • At Comfy, Black Friday runs through November 29, 2021, and discounts will reach -50%;
  • In “Eldorado” Black Friday will please customers -70% on almost all products;
  • From 22 to 29 November Black Friday also takes place in “Citrus,” where you can find discounts ranging from 7 to 70% on technology and a variety of gadgets;
  • discounts in “Rozetka” reach -60%, and Black Friday is held here from November 22-29;
  • Black Friday in “ALLO” will run until November 28;
  • In “ATB” Black Friday on November 26, they offer a 40% discount;
  • “Jysk” Black Friday is held traditionally, in 2021 it runs until November 29, and you can buy goods at 70% off;
  • In WOG Black Friday on November 29, from 21.00 to 6.00 on this day you can fill up to 100 liters of gasoline by one check and get a discount of -5 UAH per liter for gasoline or -2 UAH per liter for gas.

Black Friday 2021: interesting facts

For shopaholics it is a real holiday, and store employees complain about the hardest working days. Throughout the period when Black Friday delighted shoppers in America and around the world, a lot of interesting and amusing facts have accumulated:

  • U.S. residents often take a short vacation on this day so they can fully enjoy their shopping;
  • Some companies even arrange official days off, but trade workers cannot afford it;
  • Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers — this may sound strange, but according to CNN’s explanation, plumbers are needed to clean stores after customers;
  • as discounts reach enormous heights, often people in the U.S. really fight over merchandise, using bats, pepper spray, and even guns;
  • At first the sale was to be called ” Great Friday,” to avoid confusion with the term used to describe the chaos on the streets by Philadelphia police officers, but the name did not catch on;
  • until 2001, Black Friday was not the biggest shopping day, until then Americans were more likely to buy items the day before Christmas;
  • In Mexico, grand sales are called “El Buen Fin,” which translates to “the good weekend”.

In recent years, shopping is gradually moving online, because such shopping can be called more economical and safer.

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