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Musk’s rocket put the Ukrainian satellite Sich-2-30 into orbit: it established communication with the space center in Ukraine. 🎇

Ukraine has returned to the club of space powers after a 10 year break.
The Ukrainian satellite Sich 2-30 launched by Elon Musk’s Falcon rocket from Cape Canaveral established communication with the space communications center in Khmelnitsky region. This was the first time in ten years. The Pivdenne construction bureau reports that the satellite established communication. At 20:15 on January 13 the satellite flew over Ukraine. In complete silence the people who created Sich-2-30 were waiting to see if they could establish contact with it. Fortunately, the signal appeared.

A satellite was launched into space by Ilon Musk’s rocket from Cape Canaveral in the United States. Experts have already called it a historic event. The last time a satellite went into orbit was from Russia. This one does not have a single Russian-made element. Almost all the components are Ukrainian-made. With some exceptions – some components are from Canada, Europe.

Information from the satellite will be received by the flight center in Dunayivtsi in Khmelnitsky region. “We perform the function of controlling the apparatus. My task is to conduct the session without any remarks, and to check all the information that will be sent to the apparatus, which will be received from it. Then our specialists will do the analysis of telemetric information,” said Dmitry Goryanov, an employee of the Center for Processing and Control of Special Information.

“Sich 2-30” will be able to record many things, such as illegal deforestation of our forests. The first photos from Sich 2-30 are expected in a few days. By the way, seven more Ukrainian satellites are to appear in orbit by 2025.

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