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A pilot is a person who is in charge of an aircraft or spacecraft. The category of aircraft includes civil and military aircraft, helicopters and spacecraft, which must be operated by a qualified pilot.

Usually, an aircraft crew consists of two pilots: a first pilot and a co-pilot. The senior pilot controls the entire flight process, from powering up the equipment to landing. The co-pilot is needed to help the first pilot with everything. And in case of an emergency, the co-pilot was able to control the airplane by himself. That’s why the level of training of both pilots should be at the highest level and can not differ in any way.

Senior pilot supervises all phases of flight: takeoff, climbing to the required altitude, moving horizontally, descending and landing of the aircraft itself. During the flight the most responsible moments are takeoff and landing. During take-off at the aerodrome it is necessary to take into account that there may be other aircrafts in the air, so the slightest deviation from the set trajectory may lead to irreparable consequences.

The pilot must have not only impeccable physical training, but also a high level of intelligence, good knowledge of theory and practical skills. Also, given the possibility of constant travel to foreign countries and communication with dispatchers, a pilot must have a high level of English. There is also a type of profession – it is a commercial pilot. Such a specialist is engaged in aerial photography, works as a flight instructor, in agriculture, conducts bird surveys, patrols power lines, etc.

Job prospects

A pilot has the opportunity to work in all organizations and companies that have aircraft. Such a list includes:

  • Airports of international and national importance;
    Public and private airfields;
    Military airfields;

There is a practice abroad of employing pilots in the services of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and participation in rescue operations, in hospitals. Also pilots are invited to work for large corporations that have their own aircraft, or for private individuals.


What does a pilot do in the workplace? If someone thinks that the duties of such a specialist end with the installation of the autopilot, these people are deeply mistaken. Thus, the functions of the pilot include such actions:

  • Preliminary study of the flight route, the peculiarities of the air route;
  • Setting up communications with airports and checking communications;
  • Conducting aircraft checks and preparing for departure;
  • Accurately following a pre-determined route;
  • Keeping track of instrument and radar readings;
  • Maintaining communication with air traffic controllers;
  • Timely reporting of possible breakdowns or malfunctions, changes in weather conditions, and other unforeseen situations;
  • Arrival at the end of the route and landing of the aircraft.

How to become a pilot

In Ukraine, future pilots are trained at the Kharkov Aviation Institute. The university is famous for the creation of Europe’s first high-speed aircraft with retractable landing gear and the design of a turbojet engine developed by KAI professor A. M. Lyulka.



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