Adapting to another country: tips from Business Center “INGEK”

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When students move to another country, they have to adapt anyway. The sooner you can adjust to the new environment, the better it will be for you. There can be a huge number of areas of adjustment: new language, traditions, food culture, the list could go on for hours. But you are not the first or last in this situation, and most likely this decision was made on your own and consciously, so it all depends on you.
Use the simple principles of successful adaptation that have helped many students, and soon Ukraine can become your home.


The first principle seems elementary, but you can’t do without it. You need to learn the language of the country you’re going to live in. Knowledge of the Ukrainian language will help you get to know the culture better, make friends among the locals, and feel much more confident. The only thing that can prevent you from learning the language is lack of motivation. But if you’re motivated, you’ll learn the language quickly and at ease. Start with 1 minute. Learn Ukrainian for 1 minute a day, and you’ll slowly get the hang of it. Watch as many movies and TV shows as you can and constantly apply new words. Motivate yourself! Keep your goal in mind all the time and you will succeed!


The next principle is to create a social circle. Find new acquaintances with whom you will enjoy communicating. These can be international students just like you, as well as local people. New acquaintances will be able to make you pleasant company to the cinema or restaurant, to help you morally, as well as to share experiences that will be useful to you. Being among people all the time will help you learn the language faster, get to know the peculiarities of Ukraine and find useful acquaintances. Try to communicate with successful students. Watching someone succeed in their studies will keep you focused.


The third principle is to see your future several years ahead. Think, or even better, write down what you would like to achieve during your studies in Ukraine, how you would like your life to develop. It is best to do this before you arrive. It is important to answer the following questions: WHY am I studying, what is my goal and WHAT do I want in the future? Hardly anyone would decide to study abroad without a specific goal. Do not forget this initial reason, do not devalue it. Make a plan, write down what you need to implement it, and go ahead. After all, when there are goals, a man can move mountains.


And the last principle – be open to everything new. Read, meet, learn, travel. There are communities in Ukraine to support foreigners and our team is always ready to help you in all questions. Many of us are used to live in a comfort zone. So forget about it. Come out of your “shell”. You need to use every day at 100%. Along with moving you get the opportunity to make your life the way you dreamed it would be. Be bold, everything is in your hands.
Treat adaptation as an adventure, an opportunity for personal growth and development. It really is not an easy challenge, but once you pass it, you will be proud of yourself.


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