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Kharkiv aviation institute (KhAI) opened a new specialty “Civil Aviation Pilot” for foreign students.

Today it is the only university in Kharkov that prepares pilots for obtaining a European ATPL license. With this license, you can work as a pilot immediately after graduation. This is a big plus, because you don’t have to pass certification in your country, which will save you time and money.

The specialty “Civil Aviation Pilot” implies that you can occupy both a managerial position – a dispatcher or a technician, and a pilot position. This will broaden the horizons of your flying knowledge and increase your chances of occupying a desired and highly paid position.

Stages of training:

  1. Practice for a PPL license will begin after 1 course. This is 132 hours of theory + 45 hours of flights.
    Important: if you do not have time or, due to financial difficulties, do not fly these hours, you will have the opportunity to do it after the 2nd course.
  2. In the 2nd year, the Kharkiv aviation institute (KhAI) focuses on the study of English professional (aviation) + 55 hours of flight time to obtain a European license.
  3. After the 3rd year you will have summer practice (consolidation) and exams, after which you will receive the main license, which is confirmed by the weight of the world – ATPL.

The pilot’s profession is one of the most prestigious in the world,
become a TOP pilot with KhAI!

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