Advantages of studying in Ukraine

Ukraine, with its generous hospitality and magnificent nature, is a country where the European education system is flourishing. Today, Ukrainian universities are open to more than 75 thousand foreign students from 152 different countries, and this number is constantly increasing!

The higher education system in Ukraine covers educational institutions of various accreditations: colleges, institutes, universities and academies, which produce qualified specialists in a wide variety of fields. International students not only gain theoretical knowledge, but also acquire valuable practical skills.

Thanks to outstanding teaching staff, innovative teaching methods and constant improvement of the educational system, Ukrainian universities produce true professionals who are capable of raising the prestige of their home country to new heights.

Ten convincing arguments in favor of choosing education in Ukraine:

  • Flexible entry conditions

    Ukraine provides convenient entry conditions for foreign students and a simplified admission procedure, including a visa-free regime for many CIS countries, Europe, Canada, Japan and Israel. Citizens of other countries are provided with visa support and there is no need to take exams or tests for admission;

  • Online and offline admission

    Today, Ukraine provides the opportunity to choose an admission option. Thus, the availability of a variety of options for admission to educational institutions in Ukraine provides flexibility and convenience for different types of applicants. Each applicant can choose the most suitable method of submitting documents in accordance with their needs and preferences.

  • Tolerant society

    Ukraine is famous for the absence of interracial conflicts, as well as religious and interethnic confrontations. Ukrainians are known for their tolerance and hospitality towards foreign citizens;

  • Affordable tuition fees

    The cost of education in Ukraine is significantly lower than in Europe, the CIS and North America, but at the same time it is not inferior to the quality of teaching, and in comparison with some countries it even surpasses them;

  • Accommodation in the hostel:

    Ukrainian universities provide foreign students with access to hostels at very affordable prices;

  • High European level of education

    Leading universities in Ukraine have a rich history and a strong teaching team. Many of them are recognized worldwide. Ukraine is a party to the Bologna Declaration, which ensures a standardized educational system with other 46 European countries and promotes the mobility of students and graduates;

  • Flexible choice of training forms

    A variety of study options are available to international students in Ukraine, including bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate, distance learning and part-time study opportunities. The language of instruction is optional.

  • Training courses:

    Most universities provide preparatory courses in Ukrainian for foreign applicants. Preparation for training takes from 6 to 10 months, after completing the course you will own language of teaching at a sufficient level;

  • Wide range of specialties:

    Ukrainian universities offer a variety of specialties, including medicine, law, economics, engineering, technology and the humanities;

  • Global recognition of diplomas:

    Ukrainian diplomas are recognized in all countries of the world thanks to Ukraine’s membership in the Hague and Lisbon Conventions, which facilitate the process of legalization of documents and recognition of higher education qualifications in Europe;

  • Unique nature and culture:

    Ukraine amazes with the beauty of its nature – mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, and also has a rich cultural heritage, historical sights, museums, theaters and many opportunities for an active lifestyle and recreation.


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