Distance learning

The education system does not stand still and in the 21st century anyone can study remotely. If you have been wanting to get a higher education at world-famous universities for a long time, but the stumbling block was the price of accommodation, flights or a contract, then 2023 will be the fulfillment of your plans, because the Ukrainian government has launched the possibility of distance learning at universities without leaving your country!


How to get higher education online?

It doesn’t matter where you are – International Education Center «INGEK» provides this opportunity to students from all over the globe. Among our applicants, students and graduates are talented young people from Morocco, Ghana, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, China, India and other countries. By studying remotely at Ukrainian universities, you will receive high-quality higher education with internationally recognized diplomas, and our employees will take care of your comfortable learning and obtaining knowledge in full.


The advantages of distance learning in Ukraine along with International Education Center «INGEK»


  • No admission restrictions

    Anyone can apply, at any age, because it’s never too late to study, and getting a diploma recognized throughout the world is worth a lot.

  • Study online!

    Training takes place online. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, in collaboration with leading universities, has prepared a special online program with the ability to take exams remotely.

  • Go back to universities

    After the situation in Ukraine has stabilized, everyone will be able to return to Ukraine and continue their studies by living in student dormitories and visiting universities. A full-fledged student life is very close!

  • Available

    The cost of education in Ukraine has never been so affordable – by studying remotely, you do not need to spend money on obtaining a visa, tickets, accommodation in another country, you do not need to leave your own home! Universities fix tuition prices and you can get a diploma by studying remotely.


Everyone knows that higher education opens the door to a better life – a well-paid job, a high standard of living, interesting tasks and, most importantly, great prospects for future development.




Team IEC “INGEK” always supports foreign students and offers all the necessary assistance to everyone. We accompany students from the stage of submitting documents until they enter the university and guarantee that any issues will be resolved. Contact us right now to clarify any questions related to receiving education in Ukraine remotely and we will advise you in detail, providing answers to all questions that may arise.


It’s never too late to study – enroll in Ukrainian universities for distance learning, and the professionals of the International Education Center «INGEK» team will answer any questions you may have and help you obtain an education and an internationally recognized diploma!


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