International Education Center “INZHEK”

Welcome to our company, which opens doors for quality education and unlimited opportunities! We are a team of highly qualified experts who provide support and assistance to foreign students in achieving higher education in Ukraine and Europe.

We have a long period of highly effective work behind us, during which we built reliable relationships with TOP universities both in Ukraine and in Europe. Our partnerships with leading educational institutions speak for themselves and confirm our prestige and influence in the field of education.

One of the key aspects of our reliability is the presence of registration in the Ukrainian State Center of International Education under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Direct agreements with universities, as well as our offices around the world, confirm our confidence in providing you with high-quality service and comprehensive support at all stages of admission and education.


Our mission is to provide quality and timely services that lead to successful university admission and higher education. We guarantee that every stage of our support will be transparent and well understood by you. Timeliness is a priority, we understand how important it is to meet deadlines to minimize time and financial costs and ensure successful admission.

Our range of services includes various aspects: from the registration of invitations to the issuance of diplomas, in particular: translation, notarization of documents, registration, medical insurance and much more. We will resolve all issues to ensure an easy path to education.


Our goal is to become leaders in the field of export of educational services, making the admission process easy and understandable for foreign applicants. We believe that education should be accessible and possible for everyone, and we are working to make this goal a reality.


Our exciting journey began in 2004, and during this time we reached many heights:

  • More than 14,500 of our graduates from 36 countries received their diplomas;
  • We became a significant part of the statistical data of the Ukrainian State Center for International Education, which confirmed our leadership status in the recruitment of foreign students for economic specialties;
  • Our efforts led to the creation of a bonus program, which allowed promising and active students to earn money during free minutes from studying and implement their business ideas;
  • We expanded our presence on the African continent, opened the doors to applicants in the Republic of Congo;
  • The new opportunity to study with the help of the platform of personal training systems of the Polish People’s Republic has become a real find for foreign students. There they can prepare for exams and pass them remotely;
  • We realized our ambitious mission, opened branches in such countries as: Uzbekistan, Morocco, Azerbaijan and Turkey;
  • The contract with China opened up the possibility of training graduate students in Ukrainian universities;
  • We bypassed geographic restrictions on tuition fees. A system of electronic payments for services and services provided by universities was introduced.
  • Nostrification and translation department is open. Now our students can contact us to receive translations, apostillation, nostrification and legalization of documents, as well as get them notarized;
  • Succeeded in popularizing MBA programs on the Chinese and African markets;
  • We provide an excellent opportunity for our students to have a good time thanks to the VIP card, which gives them discounts in partner institutions of the city of Kharkiv;
  • The International Business School was opened in cooperation with Kharkiv National University of Economics named after S. Kuznets;

We are proud of past successes, but look forward to new challenges and opportunities that the future will bring. With your support and our desire, we are ready for new achievements! Choose us to achieve common heights!


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