IBSc International Business School of Simon Kuznets KNUE

International Business School IBSc is a recognized institution offering high-quality education and preparing future leaders for success in the business world. 252 students from China have already successfully completed their studies and received their certificates.

With outstanding faculty, cutting-edge resources and an emphasis on experiential learning, the International Business School provides a comprehensive education that equips students with the knowledge, skills and connections needed to run a successful business in today’s competitive environment.

International Business School IBSc also actively supports research and innovation and encourages students to get involved in research, start-ups and entrepreneurship by providing them with mentoring support.

It’s not just Chinese students who find their way to knowledge and success here. The school is a source of knowledge and experience for students from all over the world. Students from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds form a global community that promotes the exchange of ideas and understanding of diverse approaches to business.

We are proud of our graduates who have proven their competitiveness and ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. Their success stories are the best recommendation for the International Business School IBSc and we look forward to welcoming more students who want to become part of a global family of future leaders in the business world.


Program Duration
MBA preparation course 90 hours
MBA general management 60 hours
MBA financial management 60 hours
MBA Sales and Marketing Management 60 hours
MBA Human Resources Management 60 hours
MBA Entrepreneurship 60 hours
MBA Sustainable Business Development 90 hours

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