If you don’t know the language, we recommend going to “Zeruvka” – a preparatory language course at the university. Its duration is 1 year. After graduation, you receive a certificate that allows you to enter universities in Poland.
Applicants with an average knowledge of Polish can study in Poland for the first semester in Ukrainian, and from the second semester onwards in Polish.
Students study for a bachelor’s degree for 3-3.5 years, for a master’s degree – 1-2 years, depending on the country and the chosen specialty.

To enter Poland, you need to collect the following package of documents:

  • A copy of the high school diploma or certificate of admission to high school (mandatory sworn translation and apostille);
  • Supplement to the high school certificate (mandatory sworn translation and apostille);
  • EIT or NMT certificate (as required by the university);
  • Application to the university;
  • Electronic photograph (1 piece, white background);
  • A copy of a foreign passport;
  • Certificate of English language proficiency (not mandatory, language proficiency will be tested during an interview);
  • Portfolio (for creative specialties);
  • Medical certificate (as required by the university).

To enter Lithuania, you need to collect the following package of documents:

  • Certificate and application with grades;
  • NMT/EIT certificate;
  • A document confirming your English language level (if available);
  • Motivation letter (we will help you write it);
  • Copy of the passport.

In addition, you will need to pay a registration fee of 100 euros to the university account.

The final amount will depend on the chosen university, specialty and tariff plan. Here is a general list of expenses:

  • Company Services;
  • Registration fee when submitting documents for one specialty;
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining a visa;
  • Tuition fees for the year;
  • Some universities may ask for a charitable contribution in your first year.


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