Obtaining higher education in Poland is prestigious due to its quality and international recognition. It is difficult to single out the best universities in Lithuania; each of them has its own advantages and features.

There are a total of 22 higher education institutions in the country, 8 of which are private. Among the best universities in the country, the following universities can be distinguished:
Vilnius University








Lazarsky University

Lazarski University is a leading educational institution in Poland specializing in business and law. Thanks to British accreditation, graduates of this university have the unique opportunity to receive two diplomas at the same time – Polish from Lazar University and British from Coventry University. This provides students with a significant competitive advantage in the labor market.

According to EduRank, Lazarski University ranks 3871 in the world (top 25% among all universities on the planet), 60th in Poland and 10th among higher schools in Warsaw. According to UniRank, the university is ranked 61st in the country.

In the Perspektywy national ranking, Ryszard Lazarski University in Warsaw is in 3rd place among all non-state universities in the country offering full-cycle education (bachelor’s + master’s degrees).


Vytautas the Great University








Leon Kozminsky Academy

Leon Kozminski Academy is the best business school in Central and Eastern Europe. This confirms the 1st place in the ranking of the best private universities according to the 2021 Perspektywy rating. The university has received a number of national and international accreditations, and also occupies leading positions in global educational rankings due to the high quality of educational services.

Also, Kozminski University and its master’s program are ranked 39th in the ranking of the best master’s programs in management in the world. The educational institution was included in the ranking as the only university from Poland.

In the Global Masters in Finance 2021 ranking, Kozminski University ranked 21st in the world.The educational institution also has distinction from the National Accreditation Committee for the professionalism of teaching management, public administration and law.




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