Center of Moroccan life in Kharkiv

The Ukrainian-Moroccan Center at the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics was inaugurated on February 23, 2018.

The history of relations between KhNUE and Morocco goes back more than 30 years. It was this long-standing friendship that served as the source of inspiration for the creation of the Ukrainian-Moroccan Center, which found its place within the walls of the university.
Moroccan students and graduates of the university, together with the scientists who work here, have made and continue to make a huge contribution to the formation and development of this Center for Science and Culture.

The main objective of the opening of the Ukrainian-Moroccan Center is to promote the linguistic and cultural adaptation of students from Morocco who study both at Simon Kuznets KhNUE and other higher educational institutions in Kharkov.


The main goals and objectives of the Ukrainian-Moroccan Center:

  • Establishing close ties between universities in Morocco and Ukraine, facilitating the active exchange of knowledge and experience;
  • Promoting student exchange between Morocco and Ukraine;
  • Organization of conferences attracting specialists from Ukraine and Morocco;
  • Conducting seminars and round tables, the purpose of which is to discuss topics related to the culture, education, and student life of Moroccans;
  • Introducing Ukrainians and visitors to the Center with the rich Moroccan culture through a variety of cultural and entertainment events;
  • Organization of Moroccan evenings and meetings to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Morocco;
  • Carrying out events dedicated to memorable dates and holidays
We invite all students from Morocco to take part in the development of Ukrainian-Moroccan ties.
Center address:room 402 in the educational and library building of Simon Kuznets KhNUE.


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