«International Education Center «INGEK» has been successfully working in the field of education for more than twenty years. Behind all the achievements of the company are our employees, true professionals, who throughout the period of the company’s work help our students to get education in Ukraine and Europe, as well as gain many pleasant memories of the years of study here.

Evgeny Ponomarenko
Head of foreign economic affairs
of activities
  • Gannych Marina
    Chief Accountant
  • Gurkova Daria
    Technical worker
  • Yana Kharchuk
    Head of African Department
  • Zhigulina Ksenia
    Head of China Department
  • Lishunova Elena
    Head of Turkish department
  • Daria Muratova
    Head of Uzbek and Azerbaijan directions
  • Mirzoev Javid
    Head of Azerbaijan Department
  • Mirzoev Rufat
    Head of Azerbaijan Department
  • Ponomarenko Natalia
    Head of Ukrainian direction
  • Kirienko Diana
    Head of marketing department
  • Dam-Vasilieva Chang Angelica
    SMM manager
  • Ryabushka Yana
    Technical worker


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