Engineering education in Ukraine | Studying in the specialty “Mechanical Engineering” at the European University

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Such industry as mechanical engineering is the initial branch of the economy of almost every country. It can be said that this is the commercial and industrial heart of any state. In many countries, there is even a holiday “Machine Builders Day” celebrated on September 27 in all CIS states.

Mechanical engineering is one of the most prestigious spheres of human activity along with medicine, IT and entrepreneurship.

At the present time new factories, automatic lines, equipment are being purchased. And all this is aimed at deep modernization of the society. The newest types of equipment are being developed but this requires highly qualified personnel.

Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University offers effective educational programs with which well-trained, highly qualified specialists graduate from the university. In addition, engineering education in Ukraine and all around the world is promising career prospects for young people.

The engineering system includes not only the design and construction of cars but also the construction of spaceships, nuclear reactors, vacuum cleaners, various machine tools, refrigeration units for ice rinks and even racecars. After graduating from the Ukrainian university, the current chief engineer of the “Mercedes” team works as a chief engineer and designs cars for “Formula-1″ and “Formula-2″.

Place of work:

  • Engineering Plants
  • Mines
  • Manufacturing enterprises
  • Construction
  • Design departments
  • Aviation and military
  • Machine-building enterprises of various ownership forms.


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