Ukraine opened borders for foreigners: basic rules for crossing

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Since September 29, the Government of Ukraine has allowed foreigners to enter the territory of Ukraine but at the same time they must fulfill a set of conditions.

  • It is prohibited to cross the border to foreigners and stateless persons without a policy (report, certificate) of insurance issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine or a foreign insurance company with a representative office within the country and covering the costs associated with possible treatment of COVID-19 and observation.

EXCEPTION: foreigners, stateless persons residing on the territory of Ukraine, persons recognized as refugees or those in need of additional protection.

  • Also, people who cross the border and come from the state or are citizens of states with a high prevalence of COVID-19 are subject to self-isolation.

EXCEPTION: self-isolation does not refer to those arriving in Ukraine for the purpose of studying in higher educational institutions! Other categories.


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