Kharkiv is recognized as the “Best digital city in Ukraine”

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Friends, our Kharkiv won “Best Digital City of Ukraine” nomination at the Ukrainian forum held yesterday on the 8th of October .

This is also due to the technological effectiveness of universities. Many universities have created programs for distance learning, for example, in KHNUE for many years there has been a PTS (note: PTS – personal training system). Each student has a personal account where he has unlimited access to lectures and additional materials. This way the student can complete tasks, chat with the teacher and even take exams.

Business Center “INGEK” also moves ahead and has been using its own system for registering foreign students for many years. All grades, debts, data of relatives are available in the student’s personal card. Accounts for payment are automatically received. No notebooks, no magazines – everything is automated.

This year while everyone was just thinking how to simplify the student’s life during the quarantine period and make learning more flexible, we started to prepare a completely new, FIRST MOBILE APP for all students, applicants and teachers of Ukrainian universities.

Very soon your entire student life will be on your phone. We will surprise you! Just wait!


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