How many foreign students are in Ukraine: data from the Ministry of Education and Science

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More and more foreigners come to Ukraine to study at universities. So, as of November 2020, more than 80 thousand foreign students from 158 countries of the world study in our state.

This was announced by the Minister of Education of Ukraine – Serhiy Shkarlet. Note that most of them study medical, legal, engineering and economic specialties in Kharkov, Lvov, Dnipro, Kiev and Sumy.

Note that the top ten countries by origin of foreign students include India (18 429 people), Morocco (8 233), Azerbaijan (5 470), Uzbekistan (5 344), Nigeria (4 379), Turkey (3 764), China ( 3,527), Egypt (3,499), Ghana (2,561), Turkmenistan (2,027).

According to the Minister of Education, the Ministry of Education and Science is currently developing a plan on how to popularize education in Ukrainian universities among foreign students.

“The main goal is to increase the attractiveness of national education, introduce a transparent mechanism for recruiting foreign students to universities, and ensure the quality of educational services,” the Minister of Education emphasized.

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