Preparatory department in Simon Kuznets Kharkiv national university of economics

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Do you want to prepare for your studies at one of the best universities in Ukraine? We know how to help you!

BC “INGEK” knows that one of the most popular preparatory courses in Kharkiv is in Simon Kuznets Kharkiv national university of economics.

The preparatory course for foreign citizens was founded in 2002. More than 1000 listeners successfully graduated from the preparatory course. Among them the citizens of 44 countries: China, Congo, Jordan, Egypt, India, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey, etc.

You can choose the language that you will study in the preparatory courses: Russian or English

At the university there are two directions of preparatory courses for which you can be trained:

  • preparatory courses with subsequent admission to the medical university;
  • preparatory courses with subsequent admission to an economic university (and other universities).


1. The main goal of the premedical course is the language training and studying of general education disciplines that will allow students to continue successfully study in the medical uiversity and to become highly qualified specialists who will be able to work on the chosen specialty in the different countries of the world.


  •  language learning
  • study of chemistry, biology


2.  The main goal of the preparatory course is an intensive study of the language and economic subjects, after which you can enter any university in the country.


  •  language learning
  •  study of economy and basic subjects



Terms of training in the preparatory courses:


  • 10 months


Admission year-round. Classes begin immediately after a group of students is formed

Tuition fees:

  • 1100$


The most active and motivated students of the Preparatory Department will be able to receive a scholarship for high results in their studies!



BC “INGEK” will help you with paperwork, choosing a specialty, and will also provide prompt communication with the educational institution.

Don’t miss your chance to become a  professional!

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