True facts about Ukraine

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Dear friends, today BC “INGEK” team  will tell you a lot of interesting facts about Ukraine and its inhabitants!

1. Ukrainians stand out
If we have a reason to dress up, we will undoubtedly use it. High heels and bright dresses on girls with flawless makeup; men dressed in the latest fashion are what you will see in any restaurant or club. In everyday life, men tend to wear ordinary, discreet clothes, which cannot be said about women – they always try to look like from the cover of a fashion magazine.

2. Ukrainians speak Russian
As well as in Ukrainian, of course. After all, it is better to be fluent in two languages ​​as native than one. Therefore, we have absolutely no problems in understanding and using both Ukrainian and Russian languages.

3. Bacon and borsch
There is a widespread stereotype among foreigners that Ukrainians eat bacon and borscht every day, which are considered a national traditional dish. We will neither confirm nor deny it, but one thing we can say for sure: if it seems strange to you, you just have to try it! You will definitely like it.

4. Ukrainians are superstitious
The Ukrainian people have many superstitions, which are mostly habits – for example, “knocking on wood”, as in many other cultures. Many people in Ukraine always “sit down on the road” before going on a trip to ensure a good road; when they break something glass, they say that it is “for luck”, and spit three times over their shoulder after knocking on wood. Most people don’t really believe these things work, but they always do it anyway.

5. Friendliness and hospitality
Some foreigners claim that we seem very gloomy to them and constantly quarrel with each other. In fact, we are very hospitable, always ready to help, we love to give advice even when we are not asked, and we also have a wonderful sense of humor. You should at least once come to dinner with an ordinary Ukrainian family, and you will immediately feel all the friendliness and hospitality of the Ukrainian people.

6. Ukrainian women are very beautiful
Walk along any street in any Ukrainian city and you will see that this is absolutely true. Ukrainian women are gorgeous and they are special in their appearance – most women don’t go out without their hair and makeup, and their clothes, shoes and accessories match perfectly.

7. The very heart of Europe
In addition to the fact that Ukraine is the largest country in Europe in terms of area, the geographical center of Europe is also located in the village of Rakhiv. We also have our own seven wonders – sights included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, including the ancient temple of Sophia Kievskaya, Chersonesos and the unique beech forests in the Carpathians.

Despite the fact that there are many stereotypes, myths and even legends about Ukraine and Ukrainians, you should not believe everything that is said. We are sure that it is better to see once than hear 100 times – therefore, just come and see for yourself. Welcome to the Ukraine!



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